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Don’t Wear Glitter Wear

Rushing through the airport, wishing I had left my house 3o minutes earlier; I quickly remove my shoes, place all my personal items on the conveyor belt and step into the body scan. Standing still waiting for the machines to do their magic, I was expecting for the guard to say “go ahead.” Instead, I see my husband look back at the monitor and say “What the heck are you wearing?”


Apparently My entire upper body lit up like a Christmas tree on the machine. This created a concerned look on the TSA agent, who then asked me to step aside. Step aside so they could pat me down and do a fully body search.


The timing couldn’t have been worse; we were already cutting it too close, not to mention the fact that it was a late night flight, and I was exhausted and not in the mood for hassles. I just wanted to get on my plane, relax and enjoy my weekend out of town. But here I was stepping aside, asking my hubby to grab my belongings while I prepared myself to be searched.


I honestly could not figure out what I was wearing that would light the screen up like that. I had a sweater on, skinny jeans, and boot socks. My jeans had no bling on them, and I had absolutely no jewelry on except for my wedding ring. Seriously I am a pro at traveling. Every time I am making a trip on an airplane I double check the clothing I am going to wear to the airport. I don’t want to slow things down in security so I won’t wear jeans with bling. I remove my jewelry. I won’t wear a belt. And shoes have to be easy to get on and off. However, even following all of those rules this time, some how my entire torso lit up, and the area around my ankles and calves were lit up as well.


You know how when you are in a hurry, you always seem to hit red lights, and everyone around you seems to be going way to slow? Well hitting a “red” light through airport security is way worse and so much slower than a red light on the street. I know it is their job to ensure our safety, and I am incredibly thankful for that. However, I know I am not a terrorist. I know I am not carrying a gun or any other weapon. So getting the full body search was not what I thought I deserved. This treatment is reserved for terrorist, right?


The TSA agent was really nice, but because I was so brightly lit on the screen she had to feel every part of me, have me life my shirt, take my socks off, feel around every crevice of my body, just to be sure I did not have a weapon, and test to be sure I did not have bomb substances on my person. She was thorough, and I suppose she went as quickly as she was able to, but It really was a hassle. Again, a hassel I thought I did not need to experience.


When she finished and said “ok, you are all clear”,  I just had to ask “what on earth could I be wearing that would have caused your machine to light up like that?” And as I redressed myself, and she looked over my clothes once more, she said “Oh well it is that shiny metallic string that runs all through your sweater.”


Wow! You are telling me that now, not only do I have to be careful about my jeans and their bling, now I have to notice what kind of fabric “metallic string” my clothing is made of?


“So what about my ankles and calves, why did they light up?”


Again she looked me over and said “It is the fact that your socks come up over your pants and create a thicker density than is normal in comparison to the rest of your body.”


Now that is something new. I had no idea that these machines could determine the density of what you are wearing vs your body density. I have to admit, it was a bit impressive learning this.


As much as this was a total and completed inconvenience (I did make it to the plane on time), the technology is quite amazing. So, I have to stop when I don’t take the time to consider everything I am wearing. So TSA has to make sure I am safe to board a plane. I’d much rather know that if I am being checked for my shiny sweater which means that other people are being checked for their possibly disastrous items as well. I may not be a terrorist, but TSA doesn’t know that. Inconvenience or not, they are just doing their job and keeping us all safe.


The moral of the story, add “Do not wear anything with a metallic string in it” to the list.


Oh, and don’t forget, “boot socks are a NO”!


Well you have seen my list of do’s and don’ts for my fly wear, do you have anything else to add to it? I’d love to hear about your crazy TSA story or about any other items I should add to this list.

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