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What Five Travel Apps Are a Must Have?

What Five Travel Apps Are a Must Have?

You run into many obstacles when traveling: delayed flights, local transportation, language barriers, where to go, and even how to get there. Luckily we live in a tech savvy world, filled with smart phones and apps.  There are hundreds of apps to help you with all your travel needs, however the following five are must haves.


Uber is a Button Push Away

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One of the most important things to know when traveling is how you are going to get around. When visiting larger cities it isn’t always the best idea to rent a car; parking, traffic, and fees are just some of the reasons you may not want a car. However, this doesn’t mean you want to ride the bus, subway, or train everywhere you go. Uber offers black car service at a simple push of a button. From your smart phone you can obtain a price quote,  order a car, track the car as it is coming to pick you up, pay for your service, and tip the driver. First-class service for pennies more than the cost of a taxi.

Next stop, Hopstop

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You aren’t sure how to get around the city, HopStop to the rescue. HopStop offers real-time transit information, and interactive maps. With detailed walking, bus, subway, train, and taxi instructions, you can easily choose the right route for you. Transportation is no longer a guessing game.

It Knows Where Have You Been Flight Tracker


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Do you hate rushing to arrive at the airport on time, just to find that your flight is delayed? Flight Tracker is an app designed to track your flight, and display real-time departure times, gate information, delays and cancelations.


A Picture Says a Thousand Words


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Do you wish you had a friend who could recommend where to eat in every city you travel to? Foodspotting is more than that friend. Foodspotting can search for restaurants by location, category, rank, by dish, or alphabetically. Read reviews, and see pictures of the food taken by actual guests.


How do you say Google Translate?


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How are you going to be able to tell the cab driver where you need to go? How do you ask where the bathroom is? Being able to communicate is an absolute necessity when traveling. That doesn’t mean that you need to take lessons to become fluent in another language. However, you do need an app that can help you navigate the local dialect. Google Translate can assist you in translating 80 different languages. In addition to the written translation, there is an option to hear the pronunciation. No longer will you stand around wondering how you are going to communicate.

As you can see, the world of technology can be extremely helpful when traveling. Take some time to explore the world of travel apps, and be sure to download these five must haves.

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