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Five Must Haves When Flying Cross-Country

Five Must Haves When Flying Cross-Country

Saying that I travel a lot is an understatement; Last week I was in Portland, Oregon, and as I write I am on my way to Boston; when I return home, I will only be there for three days before I head off to Seattle. That being said it is rare for me to be in one single airplane for an entire day; today I find myself doing just that.

When you board an airplane during morning hours, and deboard late at night, and you have no ability to get off for any period during the day, there are many things you start to wish you had planned for ahead of time. In my case this was exasperated by the fact that there was a three-hour time difference from my starting to end point; which can cause real problems when it feels like dinner time to you and the town you arrived in has closed down and gone to sleep. But more than anything today, I have realized there are several things you have to have when traveling cross-country. The following five items are must-haves when traveling cross-country.


I am sure that back in the day, when they used to serve meals on flights, it was no big deal to travel across the country, but today, there is no such thing as lunch or dinner on an airplane. You are lucky to get a bag of peanuts. Actually, Southwest did give me a bag of wheat thins for two legs of the flight. That was a huge step up from peanuts!

When you are traveling across the country, and you realize you will not be changing planes, nor will you have time to get off, you need to pack food; granola bars, apples, anything to tide you over. Pack whatever you need to get through the entire day. Remember, you may be able to outlast the hunger while in the air, but by the time you reach your destination, restaurants may be closed. 


Many airlines offer Wifi service, and some even have television and movies you can watch for free. WiFi is always a plus, however when you are on an airplane for an entire day, it is much more than a plus; it is a necessity. In my case, although I always enjoy the mind candy of free TV while flying, I can’t go an entire day without getting some work done, and I need the internet to work. Although airplane WiFi is not the fastest, it is better than nothing.

For those of you who are traveling with children, you too may want to purchase the in-flight WiFi. There is no better way to keep your kids distracted and busy when seated on an airplane for the day.


In a day and age when most people have their cell phone glued to their hand, it is hard to imagine that anyone would get on an airplane without every imaginable electronic they own; however, it happens all of the time. I always have my macbook air, iPad, and iPhone, but that is just my list. You may want your kindle, nook, laptop, tablet, electronic games for your children, or another favorite electronic. What you don’t want, is to be sitting on an airplane with nothing to do; SkyMall and other inflight magazines will only entertain you for so long. 

Oh, and don’t forget your chargers. You may not be able to plug into an outlet, but if your battery on your laptop is charged you will be able to use it to charge your other electronics. 


If there is one thing my husband has taught me about flying, it is always to have a set of headphones. Not only is it necessary for listening to music, and watching TV and movies, but it cuts out the other noises around you. Plus when you have them on, even if you do not have any noise playing through them, it gives the appearance to others that you are busy; a great way to handle the annoying seatmate.  

On a side note, if you have never tried on a pair of noise canceling headphones, run, don’t walk, to the closest electronics store. You will be blown away by how well they block everything out around you, even when nothing is playing through the speakers. 

Dress in Layers

This next one isn’t necessarily a must have as much as it is a must do. How many times have you gotten on an airplane dressed for the current weather and arrived at your location either over or under dressed? How many times have you been hot or cold on an airplane? No matter where you are coming from or where you are going, it is always best to dress in layers when flying. Inevitably at some point during your boarding, arriving, or flight you will be too hot or too cold and if you didn’t prepare, you would wish you had. 

I wear a tank top, shorts or pants, and flip-flops. But I always have a sweater or jacket I can put on, and socks shoved in my purse if my feet get cold in flip-flops. What you choose to wear is a personal decision, so wear whatever you are comfortable in and bring things to add or change into as the temperature changes. 

As you can see, these five items will make a cross-country flight much more enjoyable; however, they may not be the only items you want to bring, they are simply my must have items.

Have you traveled across the country on a single airplane? Was there anything you forgot to bring that you wished you had brought?





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