Beach Yoga Is a Great Way to Exercise When On Vacation

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Beach Yoga Is a Great Way to Exercise When On Vacation

When I think of vacation, I think of being in a warm place and on the beach. I can think of very few things I find more enjoyable or relaxing than starting my day out on the beach. Watching the sun rise and sparkle on the ocean waters, and feeling the cool breeze as the sand squishes between my toes is complete perfection. I can honestly spend a majority of my vacation days sitting on the beach reading, soaking up the sun, and doing nothing at all. Well, not quite nothing.

Why I love Beach Yoga

I have never been a huge yoga fan as it can be quite exhausting. I typically stick to pilates and running; which is why my raving about beach yoga is a bit perplexing to me. On the one hand, I thrive on a tough workout. I feel so great after a run, especially after running farther or harder than I have before. However, running nor pilates exhaust me; they actually rejuvenate me.

On the other hand, Yoga is all about calming the mind and soul and is quite relaxing. You can choose to take things slower or modify moves so that you are more focused on stretching and loosening your muscles. Yoga gets your blood flowing; centers you and starts your day off on the right foot.

It was this combination of a challenging workout with the calming relaxation that made me realize on my last trip to Puerto Vallarta that I absolutely love beach yoga. That with the added sounds of the waves and ocean breeze made beach yoga a must-do for me on any tropical vacation. It is an excellent way for me to unwind and stay in shape while on vacation.

A Few Places Where Beach Yoga is Offered

Are you getting ready for a beach vacation? Here are a few places that offer yoga classes on the beach:

Vallarta Bay, Puerto Vallarta–This past May, my hubby and I took an early anniversary trip to Puerto Vallarta. We stayed at the Vallarta Bay (also connected to NOW Amber) which had a daily morning yoga class on the beach. It was a low-intensity class, but if you do yoga regularly, you could easily increase the intensity. 

Most AM Resorts such as Secrets, Dreams, Sunscape, and Zoetry– After realizing how great I thought beach yoga was, I asked the front desk if this was something special to this resort or if their other AM resorts offered beach yoga; they all try to offer beach yoga classes. 

Miami Beach — If you are headed to Florida and looking for beach yoga, check out the daily classes in Miami Beach. On South Beach and 3rd street there is a morning class that starts at 7 am. If you prefer to wind your day down with yoga then, there are also nightly classes.

Waikiki–  Morning and sunset beach yoga classes are offered in Waikiki every day except for Monday and Saturday. I have yet to try this class out, but I plan on going the next time I travel to Hawaii. 

I am sure there are hundreds of other beach yoga classes out there; you just have to do a little searching. If you enjoy beach yoga and know of any other classes, please share the information in the comments below.

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