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What? No Happy Hour in Boston

One of my husband and my favorite things to do in order to save money when we travel is to take advantage of happy hour specials. No, it is not because we want to spend our time drinking cheap drinks; although that is a bonus. It is because we can have dinner and a drink for a fraction of the cost during regular dinner hours. Happy hour makes it so we are not spending all of our money on food when we travel. Plus I don’t feel bad for having one or two really nice dinners out during our trip when I have saved on meals the remainder of the time.

So on our recent trip to Boston, you can imagine my surprise when I was told that “Happy Hour” is against the law in the state of Massachusetts.

Apparently in 1984, a woman was killed by a driver leaving a bar after consuming the “happy hour” special. Therefore to better the public’s safety, the state of Massachusetts enacted a law banning “happy hour” drink specials. Understandable.

As you can imagine, when I first heard about this law, I was a bit shocked. And quite frankly a little disappointed.

But wait…the law bans “happy hour” drink specials. It doesn’t say anything about luring people in for a drink by offering fantastic food specials. And that is exactly what the bars in Boston do.

So off we went to find the best Boston happy hour specials and make the most of travel food budget. The following is a list of what I believe are the best happy hour specials in the Boston area:

Haru Sushi

Haru Sushi is by far the best place to spend happy hour…that is if you like sushi. Don’t miss an opportunity to take a seat at this bar just outside of the prudential center. The happy hour menu here consists of several discounted sushi rolls as well as many appetizers. You can easily make a dinner out of this menu for a price far less than the regular menu.


Looking for a trendy place to enjoy happy hour, try Whiskey’s. Whiskey’s is a fantastic bar which attracts a younger business crowd. Their $3 bar bites are a winner among the 4-7pm crowd, Monday through Friday. For $3, you can get a bowl of clam chowder, house nachos, chips and salsa, quesadilla, fries, and more. Additionally pizza and wing deals are found throughout the week. If you are looking for a quick, cheap happy hour meal, Whiskey’s is the place for you.


Looking for something different than your typical bar food during happy hour? Try Estragon, where an extensive selection of tapas makes the happy hour menu. Monday through Thursday, the same tapas that are served in the restaurant are served at the bar ranging in price from $1 to $5. For untraditional happy hour specials, this is the place to go.

Morton’s The Steak House

Last but not the least on the this list is Morton’s The Steak House. If you are looking for a happy hour that offers high-end food at a happy hour price than Morton’s is the place for you. Here you happy hour bar guests sample dinner menu items such as the crab cakes, tuna tacos, and filet mignon sandwiches at the bar bites price. Morton’s is one happy hour every Boston visitor should try.

What’s the moral of this story…don’t be fooled by happy hour laws. In Boston, the food deals makeup for the lack of drink specials and honestly in Boston, food is where it is at.


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