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Miami Equates to Fun

The other day I was asked “out of all the cities you have traveled to in the United States which would you say are must-sees?”

I had to think about that for a moment because if you know me, you know I prefer being somewhere warm. So it would be a normal response for me to say something like “anywhere in Hawaii or San Diego.” But ironically, even though I hate being cold, and I would choose a tropical vacation over a cold one any day, I tend to prefer cities that are on the chillier side. Seattle is one of my favorites, and I think everyone should go there at least once. I always love a weekend in San Francisco. And recently I have added Boston to the top of my list and referred cities to friends.

However, when I was asked which cities the one city that came to mind and I don’t think I have spent enough time raving about is Miami.

It doesn’t matter what time of year you travel to Miami because it is a great place to go year-round. A place that I do think everyone should take the time to see at least once and here is why:

Outstanding Beaches

There are fantastic beaches all around the world; beaches that people dream they had easily assessable to them. Beaches with crystal clear warm water. Beaches lined with soft white sand and palm trees blowing in the breeze. The kind of beaches we only dream of…well until you go to Miami. Miami beaches meet all that glory and then some.

Entertaining People

There are not many cities in the United States where the people are as entertaining as they are to watch in Miami. It is a place where if you sit long enough you will see every race, size, shape, clothed, and sometimes unclothed type of person in the book. One minute you are watching a preppy couple walk hand in hand, talking about the “interesting” or as they actually think “crazy” art they just saw down the street, and the next you are watching a man the size of Andrey the Giant walk past you in his leopard print thong. People watching in Miami is entertaining to say the least.

Fantastic Eats

It is hard to find a city with great food in a great atmosphere. In Miami, there are hundreds of open-air restaurants that serve fantastic food. Food ranges from locally caught seafood to Cuban food that smells as good as it tastes. And the best part, food in Miami is really cheap.

When I think of Miami I think it is fair to say that you will find a fantastic restaurant along the beach, where you can sit outside, eat tasty food, and watch for entertaining people pass by. The image of this equates to fun.

Thus, Miami equates to fun!


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