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Five Must-Have New Orleans Experiences

Contrary to popular belief, Mardi Gras is not the only experience visitors have in New Orléans. Sure, Mardi Gras is famous, and it is fantastic, but New Orléans has so much more to offer.The following is a list of the five-must have experiences all New Orléans visitors need to have:

House of Blues

Jazz music is an intricate part of the culture in New Orléans, and the House of Blues in the French Quarter is the perfect place to experience that culture. This restaurant is much more than a place to get something good to eat; it has a small stage which features local artists on a regular basis. Visitors can watch jazz, rock, and blues acts while enjoying dinner or having a drink. A great place to experience the music of New Orléans.

Cafe Du Monde

Cafe Du Monde is by far the busiest restaurant you will visit during your time in New Orléans, but it is worth the wait. Beignets and Cafe Ole is found at many different restaurants throughout the city, but none offer the same experience. At Cafe Du Monde, the servers mostly speak french, and the floors and tables are covered in powdered sugar. It is also important to note that the Beignets and Cafe Ole are the best you will experience in New Orléans. 

Pat Obrien’s Piano Bar

Pat Obrien’s Piano Bar is a must experience for anyone visiting New Orléans. This historic French Quarter landmark features a dueling piano bar and the original hurricane cocktail. Visitors come here to have a drink, order some food, and sing along with the extremely talented singers and pianist. Even if you don’t have much time, make sure you stop by and watch the entertainment for a few minutes, the experience is well worth your time. 

To-Go Cup

You don’t have time to finish your Hurricane, no worries, take it to go. Unlike the majority of the United States where you are not allowed to leave a restaurant or bar with an alcoholic beverage, in New Orléans it is a regular occurrence to get a to-go cup. Pedestrians wander the streets with their to-go cups in hand, drinking and exploring. If you have not experienced taking your drink to go, you must-have this experience while in New Orléans.

Take a Guided Tour

There is no shortage of tours in New Orléans. From Haunted History Tours to Voodoo Tours to Cemetery tours, there is a tour for everyone. With the massive amount of history that fills New Orléans, the best way for any visitor to truly understand any of it is to take a tour. The Haunted History Tour showcases not only the history of New Orléans, but also the vampire, ghost, and other haunting that took place here. You can choose to believe what you want, but it is all part of New Orléans history and everyone who visits should have that experience.

Have you been to New Orléans? If so, what must-have experiences would you recommend to future visitors?

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  1. 11-22-2014

    We hit all of these, except HOB. Loved our guided tour. Spooky vampire tour of the French Quarter with the Professor from Lord Chaz’s tours. Highly recommended.

    • 11-22-2014

      Sarah next time you go check out the Sunday Gospel brunch at HOB, you would love it.

      • 11-22-2014

        Our plane arrived too late on Sunday for us to go, and we left on Saturday. Kirk Franklin had done the brunch the day we arrived. I was bummed to have missed it.

      • 11-22-2014

        Add to your list the Muffuletta sandwich at Central Grocery. On my top 5 “Most delicious things I’ve eaten” list.

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