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Traveling to Miami: Tips and Tricks

During the construction boom of the 1920’s, Miami became the “Magic City” when it practically transformed overnight. Today it is the sandy white beaches, tropical weather, sparkling water, and intriguing Everglades that make it magical. However, that magic will quickly diminish if you make your way to Miami without knowing a few tidbits. The following is a list of tips and tricks all visitors should know before traveling to Miami:

Ideal Time of Year

The magic of Miami transcends into its year-round, inviting weather. Temperatures average in the high 70’s during October to March and then rise in both heat and humidity during the summer. Once summer arrives and the rain rolls in, the risk of hurricanes increases. When winter hits, tourism is at its peak because everyone is trying to escape the cold of his or her hometowns.

The best time of year to visit Miami is during the spring when the weather is mild, and tourism is down. Additionally, if you are flexible enough in your travel and can visit during weekdays, you will find the best rates in hotels such as South Seas Hotel, as Miami doesn’t draw a lot of business or weekday travelers.

Easy Way to Get Around

When you look around Miami, you will notice that most people are getting around by personal or rental cars. However, Miami does have many other transportation options including taxi, train, and bus.

The Metromover is by far the best way for visitors to get around the downtown area, and it is free. With 21 stops, each two blocks apart, visitors can maneuver their way through the downtown area quickly.

Another great way to get around Miami is by Uber. Uber is a safe, black car ride that costs approximately the same as a taxi cab. Uber will pick you up and drop you off anywhere in the area. The best part is you control everything, even payment, by their must-have travel app.

Experience Miami Beyond the Beach

There is a lot to see and experience beyond the beach in Miami. In fact, one ideal way to truly experience Miami is for you to go out on the water. You can take a tour and join in on a catamaran, or there are several companies that will charter boats. Miami Yacht Charters offers both group tours and boat charters for reasonable rates. Get out on a boat and experience a side of Miami only locals see.

Best Miami Tour

Everglades National Park is a treasure among Miami. This national park features a protected habitat for the American crocodile, manatee, Florida panther, and many more animals. Ranked as one of the best tours in Miami,Airboat in the Everglades offers multiple tour options. Find a tour that meets your needs and experience the Everglades.

Miami is a magical city that has so many great things to do and see. Use these tips and tricks on your next Miami vacation so you too, can experience Miami to its fullest.

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