A Hipmunk City Love Guide: Things Not to Miss in Austin

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A Hipmunk City Love Guide: Things Not to Miss in Austin

Austin is much more than just the capital of the state of Texas. It is a city that not only embraces famous Texas sentiments, but it has introduced a whole new culture to the state. From the fantastic music scene to the up-and-coming restaurants, this city has a lot to explore. If you want to make sure you don’t miss the hot spots in Austin, be sure to check out the following list.

Zilker Botanical Garden

Although there are several beautiful places to see in Austin, visitors agree that Zilker Botanical Garden is a must when visiting the city. There are several different sections, including rose, herb, and Japanese gardens. Although not everything blooms year-round, there are a variety of plants that bloom at different times, making it a must see no matter what time of year you choose to visit. If time is a concern, don’t worry; this garden is smaller in comparison to other botanical gardens, making it less time-consuming to visit. 

Stubb’s Bar-B-Q

Barbecue food is a staple in a Texan’s diet. So it should not surprise you that a barbecue restaurant is on this do-not-miss list when visiting Austin. You know you are moving toward great barbecue food when the smell is drawing you in, and that is exactly what happens as you approach Stubb’s Bar-B-Q. Rated as one of the best barbecue restaurants in Austin, this place intrigues your sense of smell before it fulfills your taste buds. If barbecue is on your list of things to try in Texas, don’t miss out on Stubb’s Bar-B-Q.

Texas State Capitol


Photo by Trip, Trek, & Travel the World via trover.com

State capitols are typically impressive, but the saying “everything is bigger in Texas”  holds true when it comes to the Capitol Building in Austin Texas. The architecture and grounds are stunning. Then, as you enter the center of the building and step upon the star on the floor, look up and take in the spiraling view of portraits. These are the pictures of all the former state governors throughout the history of Texas, several of whom became president of the United States. But don’t stop there, the rest of the building is just as impressive. 

Austin City Limits Festival

Music is a huge part of the Austin culture,  evidenced by all the live music playing throughout the city. There are several great bars downtown that you can stop in and listen to the local talent. However, if you want to have a music experience like no other, come to Austin during the Austin City Limits Festival. This event is a huge rock and pop music festival that sells out each year. With approximately 75,000 attendees, when you attend you not only hear some amazing music, but you experience great Southern hospitality.

Austin is a city that has more culture than you imagine, so make sure when you visit, you do not miss any of these stops. 

Photo by Edgar Barguiarena via trover.com

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