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5 Reasons You Need to Be a Wine Club Member

Anyone who has ever gone wine tasting has been given the opportunity to join a wine club, and is probably a member of at least one of those wineries. However, there are a lot of people out there that have never heard of a wine club or the benefits that come with being a member. So I thought I would give you the scoop as well as five reasons you need to be a wine club member.

Generally, wine clubs work like this: You sign up either when visiting the winery or online with no upfront cost to join. You agree to get at least two wine club releases. With that agreement, you will receive three to twelve bottles per quarter (or other specified amount of time). Typically you can choose which types of wines you prefer such as “mix of red and white” or “standard release” as some wineries refer to it, “white only,” or “red only.” You also receive discounts of 5-30% on any other wine purchased, and complimentary tastings; depending on which wineries you are members of these discounts can quickly add up.

When I first started visiting wineries, I found myself signing up for just about every wine club. However, over time I discovered that I was receiving wines I was not crazy about, and I rarely got back to all of those wineries to take advantage of their discounts. So I went back over my memberships and discontinued any that I did not visit regularly or where I was not a fan of the majority of their wine. But, I kept the ones that I visit often and the ones that I enjoy their wines.

You could say that I am a fan or wine clubs. However, not every wine club is the same, and there are some that are better than others. One of my favorites is the Boisset Collection. Why? Well, there are many reasons, but let me share five reasons you need to be a wine club member, and then you too will agree that the Boisset Collection is by far the best wine club.

Customizable Order

Those of you familiar with wine club shipments know that typically when you receive a wine club shipment you get whatever wine the winery designated for wine club members. Sure this is great because you get to try out a variety of wines and sometimes even receive special releases. However, if you are like me, there is typically one bottle that comes with each shipment that you wish you could exchange. Now I have been lucky to be part of a wine club or two that did let me switch wine out when I picked up my wine club shipment, but that is rare and requires that you go to the winery to get your wine.

Wine Society members (aka wine club members) with the Boisset Collection not only can choose how many bottles they want to be shipped with each shipment, but they can also customize the wines they receive. For example, I could go into my upcoming wine society shipment and see what the wineries are recommending for my shipment. I then can add any of the more than 100 wine choices, and remove any that I am not interested in getting. Plus whether I choose 3 or 12 bottles, the shipping cost stays the same.

You Choose the Frequency

Most wine clubs have set times of year that they do wine club releases; typically it is quarterly with one or two additional times per year. With the Boisset Collection, each wine society member chooses the frequency in which they want to receive wine. You can choose monthly, every other month, or every three months. It is entirely up to you. You can also go in and adjust how frequent you receive an order if your needs change throughout the year.

20% Off Year-Round

A standard perk among wine clubs is to offer members a discount on any other wine that they purchase throughout the year. But that amount varies from winery to winery and during different times of the year. For example, one of my favorite local wineries in Southern Oregon offers its members 10% off wine purchases up to 11 bottles, 15% off of purchases of a case or more, and 20% off on the day you come in to pick up your wine club shipment. Although I always appreciate discounted wine, and these percentages off are much better than other clubs I have seen, they still don’t compete with the Boisset Collection who gives members 20% off of all bottles purchased year-round.

Complimentary Tasting

It is customary for wine club members to receive free tasting at the wineries they are members of, which is a huge savings. For the Boisset Collection Wine Society members, this savings is even bigger. First off there are 13 wineries in the collection, 12 in the Napa Valley and 1 in France. Those of you who have been wine tasting in Napa know how expensive tastings can be in that region. In fact, the last time I went I was frustrated at how much I spent just to taste; some wineries were charging $50 or more per person and then not even giving a discount on any wine purchased during that tasting. So when I tell you that you can visit multiple wineries in the Napa Valley and not pay a penny to taste, you should be impressed. For me, it is a game changer. I once again enjoy visiting Napa, when for many years I had avoided tasting there at all simply due to the outrageous costs. But now I taste for free at multiple wineries!

So Much More

The previous four reasons should be enough to convince you to become a Wine Society Member of the Boisset Collection, but just in case they don’t, here are the many other benefits you receive with your membership:

  • Access to more than 100 wines from 13 different wineries
  • Not only 20% off of wine year-round but also 20% off of merchandise and experiences
  • Personal wine concierge service
  • Curated collection of seasonal selections based on your tastes and the foods typically paired during that season
  • Invitations to private member events
  • Exclusive offers on limited selections and new releases

The bottom line on wine clubs is that if you are someone who enjoys wine or even someone who just purchases wine regularly as gifts or for your guests, the right wine club offers tremendous benefits to members. Don’t waste your money on sub par wine in the grocery stores, instead, have your favorite wines delivered right to your home at a huge discount.

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