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Why a Travel Blog

The past two years of my life have changed a lot!!!!


Okay, that’s an understatement. But, if you know me at all or you have read the things I have written in the past, you probably have many questions. So let me just answer a few upfront before going into all the changes.


Yes, I still write about divorce, relationships, parenting and life. Yes, I still produce great websites and web content. No, I haven’t stopped writing all of the things you have come to know me for. Yes, I am still very happily married and living the life I always dreamed of. And lastly, NO I have not forgotten about Day to Day Woman and all of my wonderful followers (I’ve just been a tad busy, but I will get back to you all soon). With the questions out of the way, let’s get to the point.


What has changed is the amount of traveling I now do, and the effect that has had in my life. There seems to be so much travel for me that most day’s it feels like I live more on the road than I do at home. In the last 4 months alone, I have been to Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Belize, Honduras, Portland, Seattle, San Antonio, San Fransisco, and all over Northern California, Nevada and Oregon. I have come quite accustomed to sleeping in beds that aren’t mine, eating at new restaurants, and having someone clean up after me. I am sure it shocks you all, but I really like having someone else do all of the cooking and cleaning. Really, who wouldn’t like that? 🙂


With that came the real change, my focus in writing. All of this traveling has truly inspired me, and I have taken to doing quite a bit of travel writing. I have yet to travel somewhere where I haven’t easily found something I want to write about. More accurately the stories just keep finding me. And so I have been writing, and writing, and writing.


You may be asking yourself, why if you are so busy writing would you choose to write a blog? The answer is simple, although I will continue to write feature travel stories there are many times I think of something quick that I want to share, but that doesn’t suit the need of the publications I am writing for. That doesn’t mean it is not worthy of sharing, but rather it may be more fitting for a blog.


I mean really, what are blogs for? For me, in this case, it is a place where I can share travel tips, experiences, funny stories, and just about anything that can be categorized travel.


So there it is; LeTravelista – I hope you enjoy it.


While this gets going, tell me what kinds of travel things you want to know or hear about. Is there somewhere you know I have been to and want to hear more? Is there some aspect of travel that confuses you? Is there just something that you are curious about? Ask away……

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