Carrie Dahle is a multi-talented writer living no place in particular. Why, because she is too busy traveling. Her travels have included bike rides down volcanoes, maneuvering the waves of Hawaii, sailing the seas of the Caribbean and so much more. While Carrie has spent countless hours in copywriting, and producing website content, she has transformed herself into a fantastic travel writer. A travel writer like no other; LeTravelista.

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Carrie began freelancing in earnest as a way to work at home, choose her own hours, travel between their two homes (which are located in two separate states) and travel with her husband Jeff as he traveled for work. The more traveling she did the more she wanted to travel more. It quickly became apparent that travel was going to be a large part of Carrie’s life.

As traveling increased between her two homes, traveling for her husbands job, and just traveling for fun, Carrie began to find that travel stories flowed from her fingers. Everywhere she went she discovered something that was worth sharing. In these moments, it became clear that Carrie’s writing could support her lifestyle in a new career as professional travel writer. Before long, assignments began to flood in and started taking her to new and different places to write about. Carrie had found her niche and the voice she was looking for.

Carrie has the ability to mold and adapt to any situation, which makes her a very interactive traveler, and translates into her writing. This creative writing allows for her readers to escape with her, and feel as if they too are along for the adventure. Now wherever Carrie goes she finds a way to write about it and share her experiences with fellow travelers.

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